Causes for the entry of foreigners to Uruguay in times of Pandemic

Thanks to a correct sanitary and economic management of the pandemic, the confidence that the stability of the government transmits, and some favorable conditions to obtain fiscal residence that have been approved in recent months, Uruguay has become an attractive destination for foreigners come to settle in the country. Added to this situation is the forthcoming beginning of the summer season, which causes a considerable increase, especially among residents of neighboring countries, of interest in entering Uruguay.

Although currently and as a result of COVID-19, the Uruguayan borders are closed, there are certain grounds ruled by the Executive Power, which once fulfilled allows foreigners to obtain authorization to enter the country.

On March 24, 2020, Decree 104/020 was promulgated, which established the causes of entry into the country by foreigners. Likewise, this decree underwent future updates regarding the protocols to be followed in each case.

What were the causes determined by the Executive Power in Uruguay to enter the country?

       1. Foreigners residing in the country.

      2. Aircraft crews and ship pilots.

      3. Drivers involved in the international transport of goods, merchandise, correspondence, supplies and humanitarian and health aid.

      4. Diplomats accredited to the Uruguayan government or to International Organizations based in the country.

      5. Foreigners who benefit from the humanitarian or health corridor established for the embarkation or disembarkation of cruise ships, ships and planes based on where the health authority determines.

      6. Brazilians who, proving their border status, enter the Republic through the Uruguay – Brazil border and remain in the border city.

      7. Manifestly founded cases of international protection (Refugee Law), which must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, particularly taking into account the situation of people who arrive due to family reunification with foreigners who already have permanent residence in the country. country.

      8. Duly justified situations of family reunification (with parents, spouses, partners, minor or elderly single children with disabilities, or humanitarian situations not provided for in the other literals.

      9. Transitory income for labor, economic, business or judicial purposes managed before the National Directorate of Migration by the competent Ministry corresponding to the area of ​​activity involved and based on reasons of urgent need.

As for the protocol to follow, in general terms it is established for those who intend to stay here:

  • The obligation to prove a negative result of the virus detection test carried out no more than 72 hours before entering the country;
  • Complete a form (see annex) that has the character of an affidavit,
  • Have medical coverage;
  • In case of staying for more than 7 days in the country, the person must remain in quarantine for at least 7 days opting to take a virus detection test, which, having yielded a negative result, will allow the person to circulate freely. Otherwise, you will need to be quarantined for at least 14 days without symptoms.
  • In addition to the aforementioned, the hygiene measures established in the country must be complied with (use of masks when you can be in contact with one or more people less than 2 meters away, alcohol gel for hand disinfection and other hygiene items for disinfection of clothing).

How is entry to the country processed in practice?

We will focus on three causes, perhaps the most requested by those foreigners who see Uruguay as a safe country in which to invest and settle, these are:

Foreigners residing in Uruguay

Regarding this cause, it is necessary to mention that all persons who have Uruguayan legal residence, whether in process or processed, will be authorized to enter the country.

Regarding the legal residence procedure, we can point out that it is possible to initiate procedures with the Uruguayan consulate that is located in the country of residence of the interested party.

Duly justified situations of family reunification

In this case, the procedure is handled directly before consulates within the scope of the Ministry of the Interior (MI) or consulates within the scope of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MREE). To request entry for this reason, the corresponding justifications must be included, being the same analyzed by the consular sector within the competent ministry, and in case the entry is approved, the document with which they must enter the country will be sent to the interested party. , which is valid for 30 days.

Transitory income for labor, economic, business or judicial purposes

Within this cause we can cover various aspects for which a foreign individual may be interested in entering the country, then we will detail some of them:

    • Real estate investments: To enter the country alleging this cause, different elements of proof can be counted on, perhaps the most forceful or the one that makes the authorization process easier, is to have a reservation ticket, in case If you have it, the authorization process is processed directly before the MI – National Directorate of Migration (DNM).

Otherwise, the procedure must be carried out before the MREE, and evidence must be provided to make it understand that there is indeed an intention to invest in real estate in the country.

Income applications that refer to other investments are also processed before the MREE, always sending all the evidence that makes it understood that it is indeed the intention to make an investment in the country. Investments in companies, the installation of a business or undertaking or the realization of an investment project can be covered here.

    • Audiovisual productions: To request entry authorization for this cause, the procedure must be carried out before the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), and evidence must also be provided that establish the specific realization of an audiovisual production in the country.
    • For work reasons: Finally, one of the most commonly used causes is for work reasons. In this case, the process must begin with the Ministry of Labor (MTSS), sending all the information that proves a true employment relationship of the person with an employer in Uruguay, for which their presence in the country is necessary. Then the MTSS will be in charge of processing this request, and once processed it will send it to the DNM to issue the corresponding authorization.

It is worth clarifying that it will always be the DNM who will be in charge of issuing the corresponding authorization, therefore, after the management is processed before the competent Ministry, it will be the DNM, either granting it directly to the interested party or to the Uruguayan consulate of the country of residence from abroad, who issues the certificate of authorization valid for 30 days.

As a comment of interest, we can add to the aforementioned, that a resolution by the Uruguayan Executive Power is expected this month on the possibility of reducing the quarantine requirements mentioned above with a view to the summer season.

For inquiries regarding how to enter Uruguay, and for assistance in the management of the authorization, refer to the email and the Insight Trust team specialized in this and other matters will gladly assist you.

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